On The Inexpressible Gift of the Holy Spirit

You unseen lightning, flash of light in darkness,
 heart-filling strength, an Essence inconceivable.
 Something divine dwells in my spirit,
 stirring and moving me: I feel a rare light.
 The soul, of its own self, is not such a worthy light.
 It was a Wonder-wind, a Spirit, a Creator,
 Eternal Strength-giving Breath, the Utmost Being
 that kindled in me Heaven's flaming light.
 You glance of flashing colors, you radiant splendour!
 You shimmer to and fro, mysteriously clear—
 the Spirit's dove-flights gleaming in the Sun's pure truth.
 The God-stirred pool, though cloudy, is yet clear!
 The Spirit-Sun first shines upon the moon
 which turns and sheds clear light upon the earth.

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On the Victorious Ascension of our Saviour

Ascend, O Victor-Prince, you eagle of the heavens!
 Set your human nature in the glory of the Godhead.
 Transform your body’s suffering into the state of power,
 give it eternal health for the moment of the cross.
 Your human nature now possesses all that was ever yours.
 Though in the beginning utterly removed,
 your omnipotence now shines through your humanity.
 In your double-nature, majesty resides.
 All-powerful ruler, who belongs at God’s right hand,
 your All-Presence filling everything!
 Who will dispute your body’s right to glory?
 Worship-worthy Person, in both natures always!
 Intercede for me in heaven; help me overcome on earth.
 Let me know the double fruit of your ascension.

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Comfort from Christ’s All-Conquering Ascension

Away, death and despair! Away with all misfortune!

Defiance to the devil and all his hordes!

I do not fear their might now, not one whit!

They surge against me, great streams of deceit.

When I, with trusting heart, look to my helper,

who sits at God’s right hand, I laugh at danger.

To him, my heart, its need and remedy are known.

A rescue-seeker, I send all my sighs to him.

He guides, like streams of water, every heart beat,

restrains with just one word the strongest waves;

allows, if it will serve, the water’s fall

but will not let it overflow the plain.

He makes the cloudy clear, saltwater sweet;

commands all power from his majestic seat.

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On the Holy and Glorious Resurrection of Christ

Ha! Victor prince, sovereign of all the world,

what was that stone to you? A feather in the wind.

What are the world’s great structures in the face of Heaven’s power?

What is a patch of earth to Him who holds the world?

Can He who turns the sun-wheel not turn the stone as well?

(By choice and chance—not from necessity—

an angel happened by and swiftly rolled the stone away.)

Christ could transform the tomb into sheer air or sky.

If Pharos, Rhodes, Memphis, all ancient wonders,

great Tiber’s city, Babylon, and Atlas should stand

at once upon his grave, his strength would be enough

to blow them all away with just one breath.

He buries in his grave the whole world’s sin

and wills that everyone should live with him.

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The Resurrection: Its Fruit and Comfort

Rise even now in me, my Lord, through faith;

rise in my heart’s depth with your power,

that I give witness to the world that you have risen!

Let me, proclaiming you with zeal, use all my breath,

and let your Sun of grace now rise.

Roll every error-stone from heart and mouth,

and I’ll confess you freely, boldly, every hour.

Let no created thing steal my heart’s comfort.

Stay with me in this world, for it is evening.

Give honey from the rock, and sweetness from your wounds.

I feel my heart’s on fire from your words;

you rouse and also satisfy desire. 

My heart, closed to all but you, my Lord, 

rejoices in your risen might and presence.

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