On The Inexpressible Gift of the Holy Spirit

You unseen lightning, flash of light in darkness,
 heart-filling strength, an Essence inconceivable.
 Something divine dwells in my spirit,
 stirring and moving me: I feel a rare light.
 The soul, of its own self, is not such a worthy light.
 It was a Wonder-wind, a Spirit, a Creator,
 Eternal Strength-giving Breath, the Utmost Being
 that kindled in me Heaven's flaming light.
 You glance of flashing colors, you radiant splendour!
 You shimmer to and fro, mysteriously clear—
 the Spirit's dove-flights gleaming in the Sun's pure truth.
 The God-stirred pool, though cloudy, is yet clear!
 The Spirit-Sun first shines upon the moon
 which turns and sheds clear light upon the earth.

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