On My Dearest Jesus’ Painful Scourging

O Body, one with God, earth's greatest sanctuary,
you spirit-filled temple, throne of heavenly virtue,
heart of the Trinity and God's true son!
Must you be scourged by sin and sinners?
You patiently endure the bloody beatings.
Utmost innocence bears punishment for mortal crime:
you endure the pain; I revel in the pleasure.
To redeem me, you submit to mortal danger.

Ah, ah! every lash goes through my heart and soul,
my spirit wrung from me as your blood from you!
Were it not ingratitude and rude affront,
I would refuse redemption, since it makes you suffer.
Yet, because your great love conquers mine,
love's ardour flows like blood within me.

Click here to read this sonnet in the original German.

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