On My Jesus, Sweating Blood in Love and Pain

My chosen Blood, ah, my redemption's Lifeblood!
Where can I find heart or words to love and laud
such unheard-of faithfulness in this heart-rending trial?
Heaven alone can give me power to praise.
Sweat, hot with anguished love, salvation's pith and power,
forced out through heart-dissolving fear and pain
from which God should have spared his son!
Our salvation's bound to him more firmly
than his own heart: his heart melts, our salvation's gained.
Each droplet is a mirror of his kindness.
God's majesty shines forth from this blood-anguish:
he endures, while bearing all our guilt.
Ah blood, come to my aid in my soul's parting hour:
on Judgment Day, clothe me in crimson.

Click here to read this sonnet in the original German.

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