On Reverently Receiving the Most Holy Supper (2)

Not only in distress and death, but in my very mouth
my beloved gives himself to me in sweetness.
His blood, enflamed by love, shall quiet my heart's heat.
I kiss and eat him out of love, here in my throat.
He could not be more closely wed with me.
He gives his very heart to still my hunger,
gives us his own self in his last will,
he who was first, before the world's foundation.

Oh, send a flaming host to kindle our devotion.
You who prepare our hearts, your Spirit makes the way,
sends virtues before him, the soul's adornment,
so that you find a spotless house prepared for you.
God, you give yourself to me! Grant that,
worthily and with your grace, I may receive you.

Click here to read this sonnet in the original German.

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