The Seven Words of Highest Grace from Our Saviour on the Cross (3 of 7)

The Third: “Woman, behold, your son!” (John 19:26)

Ah, mother, my pain wounds you as if it were your own!
Forgive me: I seek your salvation more than your happiness.
I must do it; so it is written of me.
My grace and your sin plunge me in misery.
But do not think yourself forsaken—see,
while I am dying, my word provides for you.
Though now I am accursed on the cross,
I turn John's heart toward you, yours toward him.

And you, my dearest friend, care for my mother,
the one in whose body I took on the flesh
in which I die for your salvation.
Love will not succumb to the power of pain.
Her grief is one more branch on this tree
on which, through death, I bring you life.

Click here to read this sonnet in the original German.  
(Note: the document linked here contains the entire series of  7 sonnets.)

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