On My Sweetest and Dearest Lord Jesus, at New Year’s Time

Jesus, first among the first, and yet without beginning,
my soul's soul and spring, all nations' bliss and comfort!
May the highest good, your blood, be this year's foundation
of my thoughts and deeds, my goals and my intentions,
that whatever lives in me lives to praise you, O my Lord.
Let no vein pulse in me, except to serve you,
every breath bring praise to our Creator.
I will not let you go, O Jesus, until you are my all.
Although my hateful depths should make you turn from me,
your love, magnificent in faithfulness,
would sooner leave the father's lap than leave me lost.
O Joy! You gladly left God's glittering heaven for the wretched stable
to end our sin and misery.
You think on us eternally; help us in this time!

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