On Holy New Year’s Day: The Great Comfort of Jesus’ Name

Jesus, be my only comfort, no matter what might be.
If I have you, I have all things: beloved Jesus Christ!
You, my strength and power, indeed my very life.
This year, let me be rooted in your grace,
and let your great star-counsel prove powerful in deed.
Your grace, our faith, make all things possible.
To you, all human might and craftiness are spider webs.
Speak to my request your powerful word: it will be done!

My hope has bloomed so long: provide, this year,
new fruits of joy and good fortune. What more can I desire
when I possess this gift: your love-ignited blood!
Is anything on earth so costly, sweet and precious?
Dear Jesus-child, let me abide forever in your grace,
no matter what in this whole world might come.

Click here to see this sonnet in the original German.

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