On the Victorious Ascension of our Saviour

Ascend, O Victor-Prince, you eagle of the heavens!
 Set your human nature in the glory of the Godhead.
 Transform your body’s suffering into the state of power,
 give it eternal health for the moment of the cross.
 Your human nature now possesses all that was ever yours.
 Though in the beginning utterly removed,
 your omnipotence now shines through your humanity.
 In your double-nature, majesty resides.
 All-powerful ruler, who belongs at God’s right hand,
 your All-Presence filling everything!
 Who will dispute your body’s right to glory?
 Worship-worthy Person, in both natures always!
 Intercede for me in heaven; help me overcome on earth.
 Let me know the double fruit of your ascension.

Click here to read this sonnet in the original German.

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