The Sixth of the Seven Wonder Words

The Sixth: The Conversion of the Bystanders 

And so, it is fulfilled: the work has now borne fruit.  

Diamond-hard hearts are softened by his blood;

the Holy Spirit’s magnet attracts iron minds;

the sharp Crown of Thorns draws fresh repentance.

We see Him on the cross, believe Him now enthroned

in high divinity just like the Father.

He is Eternal God. Though deathly pale,

appearing as a worm, he is the Son of God.

O Miracle of faith! To cancel curse with blessing,

to seek in the Forsaken One true refuge,

life out of death, comfort for the comfortless

and hope of help from him who underneath his yoke

himself is languishing.  God has ordained  

that He, by suffering all, saves us from all.

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