The Fifth of the Seven Wonder-Words

The Fifth: The Graves Opening

We must open because we are unlocked

by the World-Redeemer’s death, which is our key.

Resurrection, from within the grave, prepares for victory,

and makes of Death itself the greatest mockery:

it has shot itself with its own arrow.

Death ate itself to death on Life—oh, such a trick!

We, companions of His victory, willingly release

the pawn entrusted to us for a time.

Up, up, you sleepers! Help us rejoice!

The Prince of Life has triumphed; celebration has begun.

Follow the All-Conquering Hero—as in suffering,

so now in glory—to adorn the splendor of his victory.

On Resurrection Day, our mouths will open,

as will the ocean’s throat, and you will rise. 

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