The Third of the Seven Wonder-Words

The Third: The Earthquake

What’s this! I should not merely tremble but explode,

and pour out my heart’s core in sympathy.

I should convulse and shudder in the tumult

of the wind’s groaning as it vaults up from the caverns.

The storm-sword should pierce my heart and soul.

Mountains hide the tempest of wondrous agony

as deepest cliffs conceal the highest eagle-aerie

while Death steals in to murder life.

The word that gave me life, breath that created me,

my soul and source, is dying. Should I not, terrified,

express my agony and sorrow? This quaking is my outcry:

God loves and suffers; dies in every corner of the earth.

And you, who are also of the earth, quake with fear!

The treachery of your sin has now killed Life.

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