The Second of The Seven Wonder-Words

The Second: The Tearing of the Temple Veil

Why should I hide the Holy of Holies any longer,

now that it’s laid bare before all the world?  

The heart of the Holiest burns fiercely with desire   

to reveal itself, to show God’s will.

God’s own blood will not cease flowing       

until, mingled with water, it’s all spilled out.  

Before this flood the glory of the Mercy Seat retreats.

See: here the mind’s plan, there the work fulfilled!

The divine mystery, curtained in darkness    

in metaphors of patriarchs and prophets,      

steps from the shadows under the Sun’s true clarity.

Its breaking-forth has also broken me;           

it tears away all veils of falsehood, reveals the blood

of holy Christ, and the pain of true repentance.

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